About Katie Heckey

Hi! I'm Katie! 

I'm an artist living in LA and working at Cartoon Network Studios as a Background Designer on Craig of the Creek! I'm brainy and adventurous. I love hiking, rock climbing, yoga, nerdy tabletop roleplaying games, and sometimes a cold beer with friends!  

I've been in the industry for nearly 4 years and worked on both 2D and CG productions. I think that gives me a good head for a wide range of pipelines and a willingness to solve hard problems and learn new software. I always try to bring strong draftsmanship, a playful sense of color, and inspiration from my wanderings. (Of everything I design, environments will always be my favorite. I just love a sense of place).

My most important values are honesty, family, and keeping calm even when life gets absurd. My continuing goals are to travel, learn about other cultures, and make content I'm proud of. 

Hit me up at kheckey@gmail.com if you have questions about work, freelance, or just to say hello. Thanks for reading! 

-K Hecks